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About Us

Salkia Hindu High English School was established long before the national freedom movement of India got momentum, on the 20th of February 1899 by Mr. G.D Banerjee, and others. For about 50 years the school had no building of its own, not even a definite address.Our Staff But people were always interested in this school. They started taking classes in different places even in their own drawing rooms. It was Mr. Jagabandhu Ghosh, Mr. Gaurhari Ghosh, Mr. Sachinandan Sinha and others who in the fourth decade of the last century chose the present site of the school on a disputed land measuring about two bigha and ten katahs.

Immediately after securing the land the main building was constructed under the leadership of Mr. Bhairab Chandra Ghatak the then head master of the school. Due to its excellent reputation for good performance, more and more students started seeking admission in the school. According to the then Government rules the number of students couldn’t exceed a certain limit. In this situation a separate school firstly with two classes and then with four classes was set up in 1965.This new school was recognized as Salkia Hindu High School Unit-2 in 1973.